On Monday 24th October we are excited to be hosting a Diwali feast at Kricket White City. We will be serving up a traditional vegetarian Thali to mark the festival, which celebrates the victory of light over darkness. 

Tickets for the night are £35 per guest and include a welcome drink, snacks, your Thali and a selection of traditional sweets. 

There will be two sittings for this night, 6.15pm and 8.15pm.

We have partnered with two of our favourite brands for this special occasion.

Pentire will be providing a refreshing, alcohol-free welcome drink that will be served to complement some delicious snacks before your Thali. 

In addition, the fashion and lifestyle brand Kapara will be generously offering a discount code of 15% to all event attendees, which can be redeemed when purchasing their colourful and artisanally crafted crafted clothes and accessories.

A little more about our partners:

Kapara London
Kapara is a lifestyle brand for women and children that unites the vibrant colours and patterns of India with the classical shapes and styles of British design. The ambition of the brand is to create beautiful, unique and joyful clothes and accessories that have a positive impact on the world, both socially and environmentally. 

Pentire make non-alcoholic spirits by naturally distilling plants native to their local coastline in Cornwall. They aim to provide those who are refraining from drinking alcohol with a delicious, refreshing alternative so they feel part of any special occasion.




Unfortunately we are unable to accept dietaries or allergens for this event. 
The ticket price does not include service


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