Beer & Curry Night Volume 3

Wednesday 19th April

We are excited to announce that Beer & Curry Night is returning to Kricket White City this April. For the third volume of our brewery collaborations we will be serving up a Goan inspired thali with a selection of specially selected beers from Cornwall’s Harbour Brewing Company.

The menu has been created by Steven, our Head Chef, who hails from Porivim near Goa’s state’s capital, Panjim. Amongst the dishes celebrating Steven’s culinary heritage will be chicken cafreal, dried shrimp balchao rissois, & black bean xacuti. The flavours and dishes from India’s smallest state are completely unique, heavy on the chilli, coconut vinegar and dark spices, with a more liberal use of meat and obviously fish. Harbour’s refreshing beers will be the perfect accompaniment to this coastal feast.

Tickets are £35 per guest and include your thali, snacks, dessert and beers. We have both meat and vegetarian options available.

Please note we cannot accommodate dietary requests for this event.
The ticket price does not include service charge, 100% of which goes to our Team.


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