Cornish Fish Supper Club

Wednesday 24th May

After the success of last year’s Game Supper Club, our chefs are taking to the water to net some inspiration for a special menu of freshly caught fish from Cornwall’s south coast. With the help of our fish suppliers The Sea, The Sea, they will be heading out into the English channel to hook some of their own and learn more about the responsibly sourced seafood we serve. Hopefully they will acquire some sea legs in the process!

On their return from the briny sea, the team will be dreaming up a fishy feast, to be served at Kricket White City the following evening. The menu will have an array of seafood dishes and will of course be influenced by the team’s catch. You can expect five courses of fish and shellfish, prepared with seasonal ingredients and our usual Indian inspired flavours.

Tickets are £65 per guest and include five courses and a welcome drink.

Please note we cannot accommodate dietary requests for this event.
The ticket price does not include service charge, 100% of which goes to our Team.


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